mandag den 21. september 2015

Get Ready For Fall With BooHoo

Amazing must have fall items from BOOHOO!
So we decided to celebrate that by making a list of must haves
fall pieces. We hope that you enjoy.

1. Paisley Dress

This amazing paisley dress is one
amazing fall must have!
The colors is so fall and it would be perfect with
tight and a hat too!

2. White Blouse

Next amazing fall item
is this cute white blouse.
It would look cute with a maxi skirt,
but also with a part of pants like on the picture.

3. Yellow Dress

This is one of my absolute fave colors for fall!
I think it's so flattering and happy.
It has long sleeves and would also look happy with tights,
which is a pretty good for fall.

4. Retro Dress

Here's a really pretty retro vibrant fall dress for you all.
Again with long sleeves with is ideal for fall, 
and also in a pattern that would look cute with back tights.

5. Mono Print Tee

Amazing tee that just needed to be on this list!
Amazing pattern and colors! 
Perfect if you aren't the cold type
or if you live somewhere it doesn't get too warm.

6. Modern Hippie Dress

A modern version of a groovy hippie dress
with this mix of a long tee and the big beautiful pattern on the front.
You can't go wrong with this, a pair of black or purple tights.
and maybe a black cardigan.

7. Cobber Duster

Amazing copper duster that just yells fall!
It has the perfect length and color
And it's not at all as expensive as you might think.

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