onsdag den 2. september 2015

Get An Earthy Look - Hairstyles

Today we wanted to share some earthy-bohemian-hippie
hairstyles with you. So it's all about the hair today!
We have been searching the internet,
and have not only found some photos for inspiration,
but also a couple of videos with some great 
hairstyle tips and tricks for you!

In the first collage we have put the typical looong hippie hair,
in a thin straight version and a long curly version with
a long brain in it.
And we have also found a photo of some dreadlocks for you
very earthy natural and cool. And perfect to decorate.

We have also found a cool photo with a lot of long haired girls!
I don't know how you find that many girls with long hair like that,
but it's pretty amazing.
And then a small cute hair up do photo,
and one with a cute thin braiding behind the ear,
which is also a cute easy thing to do that will
add a lot to your look.

Last one we have a long red mane
some more dreadlocks in a cute up do with a feather wrap
and a stunning woman with a curly frizzy natural look.

So here were the photo inspiration,
we hope that you found something you liked.
Now we are ready for some video tutorials on how to
make some cute hairstyle for an earthy look.

This first video is tutorial on how to make a cute vintage look.
With small braiding and pearls in your hair.
The video only takes about 3 minutes and it's easy to follow.

If you are looking for some inspiration for braiding your hair in some cute
ways here's a video "4 cute braid back to school hairstyles" 
All 4 of them are unique and beautiful.

And the last video we want to show you is how to make cute curls.
This one is called "Heatless Curls With A Headband"
The girl in the video has a very long hair,
but we bet this would look cute in shorter hair as well.

That was all for our earthy hairstyle inspiration for today.
We hope you liked this post.

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