søndag den 29. maj 2016

Color Me Happy - find a new way to relax! | by Sanna Stenroos

Blogpost written by Sanna Stenroos
37 year old adventurous mama from Finland, who loves familylife, nature and music. 
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Long before I became relaxation and meditation coach I loved to draw and color. As a wild and free kid after a long day playing outside I loved to sit down and color before going to bed. Of course then I didn’t know it was an excellent way to calm my brains down for rest and practice concentration, but I knew it made me feel good.

After having my own kids I started to color with them again to have some quiet moments with more than energetic boys and after they went to bed I catched myself coloring their coloring books around kitchen table secretly because I was way too tired to actually meditate or go for nature walk but coloring was an easy way to wind my busy mind down.

Even though coloring relaxes just like meditation, it’s nothing miraculous, but neither is meditation really. Coloring, knitting, running, surfing, horseback riding, hiking etc., same thing in a different package – all very efficient ways to give your brains a breather that enhances the feel of happiness. 

The trick is that you have to feel activity easy and pleasant. Relaxing activity should not challenge you because struggle and feel of failure causes your body to have a stress reaction. Struggle and challenge are of course also good and needed in learning process but not when you want to relax.
So if you love arts and crafts, coloring is a great way for you to relax. You can find free coloring sketches easily from internet or buy coloring books. And let me give you a great hint – you can try to relax coloring some hot men from “Hot Dudes Coloring Book” by D.C. Taylor found on Amazon.

torsdag den 26. maj 2016

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