søndag den 29. maj 2016

Color Me Happy - find a new way to relax! | by Sanna Stenroos

Blogpost written by Sanna Stenroos
37 year old adventurous mama from Finland, who loves familylife, nature and music. 
See more of me and my family on Instagram @sannakatariinas

Long before I became relaxation and meditation coach I loved to draw and color. As a wild and free kid after a long day playing outside I loved to sit down and color before going to bed. Of course then I didn’t know it was an excellent way to calm my brains down for rest and practice concentration, but I knew it made me feel good.

After having my own kids I started to color with them again to have some quiet moments with more than energetic boys and after they went to bed I catched myself coloring their coloring books around kitchen table secretly because I was way too tired to actually meditate or go for nature walk but coloring was an easy way to wind my busy mind down.

Even though coloring relaxes just like meditation, it’s nothing miraculous, but neither is meditation really. Coloring, knitting, running, surfing, horseback riding, hiking etc., same thing in a different package – all very efficient ways to give your brains a breather that enhances the feel of happiness. 

The trick is that you have to feel activity easy and pleasant. Relaxing activity should not challenge you because struggle and feel of failure causes your body to have a stress reaction. Struggle and challenge are of course also good and needed in learning process but not when you want to relax.
So if you love arts and crafts, coloring is a great way for you to relax. You can find free coloring sketches easily from internet or buy coloring books. And let me give you a great hint – you can try to relax coloring some hot men from “Hot Dudes Coloring Book” by D.C. Taylor found on Amazon.

torsdag den 26. maj 2016

Looking for bloggers and YouTubers

Are you a blogger?
Do you love to write down your feelings
point of view
or just share good ideas with the world?
We would love to talk to you about writing for our blog.

We are at the same time looking for YouTubers
Do you like to make videos?
Videos with good advice?
or something else...
Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.

- Contact: Earthychildren@gmail.com -
We hope to hear from you!

fredag den 8. april 2016

Spring Boho Lookbook | Laura Germany

Hello people out there! My name is Laura, I am 19 years old and live in Germany. 

So now that you have the basic information, we can come to the 'fun' part. I filmed a spring/boho lookbook. It's definitely not perfect but I had so much fun filming it, so here's the video:

Outfit details:

Outfit 1:

I really love maxi skirts, because they look incredible and are also extremely comforable. I decided to style it with a white chrochet crop top I bought at Urban Outfitters and paired it with a cute rosy John Lennon sunglasses, haha. Throwed on some jewerelly and their you have it: a cute and comforable boho look.

Maxi Skirt: New look
Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Shades: Bought in Italy

Outfit 2:

You can never go wrong with something white when it comes to spring. I literally have a obssession with white clothes but well - who cares? If you throw on a cute little white dress (not black because its spring hihi) and combine it with a hat and some sandals - I choose some Birkenstocks but I know that their not everyone's cup of tea - you have a quick and easy spring outfit.

Dress: Asos
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Asos

Outfit 3:

I would call this outfit "Netflix and Chill" because that's what I would wear on a cloudy and not so sunny sunday. Some comfy flared leggins, and again here we see my issue with white again, a white top and a laced bra because they feel just like heaven and you're ready to, well, lay in your bed and doing nothing meaningful but at least you look good!

Leggings: H&M
Top: Forever21
Bra: Urban Outfitters

Outfit 4:

This Outfit is not really Bohemian but I am also in love with Vintage dresses. I styled this around the dress and wore a overszied jeans jacket with it. To be honest I think a oversized Jeans jacket is a must have for everybody! Then a big scarf because I live in Germany and you can't call this weather spring because it has like 10 degrees outside, but whatever aaand last but not least some knee socks because they make everything look a bit more interesting and a pair of black shoes.

Vintage dress: eBay
Jeans Jacket: Asos
Shoes: Asos
Scarf: Forever21

- Laura (Instagram: @_laaauuraa)

mandag den 4. april 2016

10 Amazing Spring Dresses

Spring is knocking on the door
it's time to open up and let it in
in this blog post we celebrate spring's arrival
by showing you 10 amazing spring dresses from Boohoo.


This mini summer dress in black and white is a great spring choice. You can top it with a cute light summer jacket, if the weather calls for that. Link to the dress


This next one is in a warm color scheme, and it has a cute animal print.
It's also perfect for a summer day, with a bikini underneath it. Link to the dress


The colors of this one really calls for spring and summer.
The sea blue color is just happiness to look at, it reminds us of the blue sea. Link to the dress


This next dress is a much lighter choice. It' white with lots of pale red details. Such a pretty choice too. We would recommend wearing it with a cute hat. Link to the dress


With this next dress you get a serious 70s pattern. It's really colorful and with a very cool floral print. It's also a maxi skirt. We would recommend wearing it with a belt, like shown on the pictures. Link to the dress


If you prefer something a lot more simple this might be your taste. It has a very delicate color, and it looks light and summerly. Really a cute choice. Link to the dress


We see that this next one is black, and therefore might not be the obvious choice to put on this list, but look at the embroidery details. The details makes it an all year around dress. Link to the dress


Maybe blue is going to be the color this spring and summer, because we came across this beautiful mini dress that we also love. It's so vibrant and happy, that it deserved a spot on this list. Link to the dress


This is one of our absolute favorites from this list. It's so bright and beautiful, perfect for a day on the beach, but also perfect for spring. Pure amazingness! Link to the dress


The last one on the list for today is this beauty. Very detailed and in some 70s colors. Very cute and will look good with a hat. Link to the dress

That was all for today's blog post
10 amazing spring dresses.
if you purchase one of them,
please # your photo on Instagram with
so we can see it!

Cheap Ways to Adventure | Katarina McEachern

Today's blog post is written by Katarina McEachern

Our souls crave adventure. We crave the feeling of freedom and learning new things about ourselves. Itʼs a time of reconnecting with thoughts and rediscovering who we are as individuals and what matters the most in life. Itʼs time to be still and silent in spirit while actively doing something in nature that
reveals minute details of life that are often overlooked.

Here are 5 simple yet powerful ways to adventure. At first glance, they may seem obvious and too easy, however, you will be blown away by the benefits you will receive. I dare you to try them.

1. Go for a drive 

There is nothing more freeing than driving down the road with windows open and music blaring.

2. Take a Hike 

There are nearby parks and rec areas that offer trails to hike. Go check some of them out and explore.

3. Read a book  

It may sound cliche but books are an incredible way to escape to different lands and time periods. I have recently begun reading Florence Nightingale and I find myself feeling inspired and empowered by a woman who rejected societyʼs “rules” for women during the 1800s. I try to take what I learn from books and apply it to my life. Itʼs incredible to feel a connection with past individuals who dared to be different. I feel more free and encouraged to follow my dreams and goals.

4. Go for a run  

I know this doesnʼt sound adventurous but it all depends on how you view it. Instead of hitting the gym or treadmill, find tracks or trails to run
along that keep you grounded in nature. There is something about exercising outdoors where youʼre alone and unsure of the terrain. Create a playlist with your favorite songs and allow yourself to get completely pumped. I try to split my exercise time in half. For the first part, Iʼll listen to upbeat songs and feel my speed increase. For the second half, Iʼll turn off my music and allow myself to think and meditate. I am always filled with such peace when Iʼm done. For me, itʼs a time to allow God to speak to me in the quiet and fill me with His thoughts and ideas. I always finish feeling inspired.

5. Picnic 

Pack a lunch, blanket and head out to a park or even your own backyard. Let your mind drift here and there while you bask in the beauty of the trees, birds, clouds and all that surrounds you. Taking a meal outside, instantly creates this feeling of earthy adventure.

6. Walk around Town  

Do you really know whatʼs in your town? Have you ever spent a day walking the streets (safely) and seeing whatʼs there? You may discover gems that you didnʼt even know existed just like the above photo.

If you would like to write a blog post for Earthychildren contact us on:
Earthychildren@gmail.com with your blog post idea.

tirsdag den 15. december 2015

Handsome Earthy Instagram Men To Follow

We have made a list with handsome earthy men from Instagram
that we would recommend you to follow if you need something good to look at.
We hope that you enjoy our list.
Comment below if you think we missed out important men.


Rhombus Lansky looks like he's a model,
but his Intagram just says he's an NY actor.
There's a lot more photos to see on his Intagram, find him at:

The next one is Matt Corby who is a musician.
He's long curly hair is the cutest, and when he smiles it's just amazing.
Go find him on Instagram, bot on his own page:
Or on the Fan page that has a lot more pics of him:


Meet Christopher Mason who is a model based in Los Angeles.
With his Scandinavian look he's very much attractive.
You can go see more of him on:


This next one we really like on Earthychildren.
He's a YouTuber and adventure photographer, and look how 
peaceful and friendly he looks.
We would definitely recommend giving him a follow.
Go find him:


Chris might not be the most obvious choice for this list of men,
but we like how different of a look he has, and thought he deserved a spot anyway.
He's such a nice soul, even tho he has become a big model in like no time.
We have followed him all the way from the beginning, but he stays humble.
You can go and see more of him on Instagram:


Giaro has the most amazing hair on earth!
This big curly brown hair and his kind face, just makes my knees all week.
He is a model and a art director,
and if you want to go find him he's based in Amsterdam.
Want to see more of him:


I think that we have all at some point seen a photo of this amazing man. 
He is so handsome it's actually scaring me.
He is a model based in Germany.
You can go and see much more photos of him over at his Instagram:


Last but not least we also want to show you Cykeem.
His Instagram does not say much about him,
besides from the fact that he's a model, and real pretty.
You can go see a lot more pics on him on his Instagram:

We hope that you liked this list
if you think we missed out on some hotties
then please comment their usernames below
and we might make another list.

Last Minute Presents

We are half way through Christmas now
some of us might start to feel stressed about the presents that we still need to buy.
So we decided to make a list of cute last minute presents!
Hope you enjoy it!

We have gone looking on Joy and found a few bits and pieces that we really like!

The first thing is this amazing light chain in copper, 
that would just be the perfect touch to a cozy bedroom!
I would totally purchase it if I didn't already had 3 light chains in my bedroom.

This cute little cactus is made for keeping your rings or small earrings organised.
It could stand in the bedroom, or beside the bed on the bed stand. 
Super cute present for the person who has everything.

Is your friend really into music then this is the perfect present! 
These wooden spoons are are salad servers shaped as guitars.
This is also a great present for the kinds person who does not wish for anything.

This cat sketching book looks like so much fun!
If you don't know what to give your cat loving mom or friend, 
this might be the perfect thing.

I wish for this one myself, I think it's perfect!
I love that this flask has the world map on it
it looks so good, I would bring it everywhere.