tirsdag den 15. december 2015

Handsome Earthy Instagram Men To Follow

We have made a list with handsome earthy men from Instagram
that we would recommend you to follow if you need something good to look at.
We hope that you enjoy our list.
Comment below if you think we missed out important men.


Rhombus Lansky looks like he's a model,
but his Intagram just says he's an NY actor.
There's a lot more photos to see on his Intagram, find him at:

The next one is Matt Corby who is a musician.
He's long curly hair is the cutest, and when he smiles it's just amazing.
Go find him on Instagram, bot on his own page:
Or on the Fan page that has a lot more pics of him:


Meet Christopher Mason who is a model based in Los Angeles.
With his Scandinavian look he's very much attractive.
You can go see more of him on:


This next one we really like on Earthychildren.
He's a YouTuber and adventure photographer, and look how 
peaceful and friendly he looks.
We would definitely recommend giving him a follow.
Go find him:


Chris might not be the most obvious choice for this list of men,
but we like how different of a look he has, and thought he deserved a spot anyway.
He's such a nice soul, even tho he has become a big model in like no time.
We have followed him all the way from the beginning, but he stays humble.
You can go and see more of him on Instagram:


Giaro has the most amazing hair on earth!
This big curly brown hair and his kind face, just makes my knees all week.
He is a model and a art director,
and if you want to go find him he's based in Amsterdam.
Want to see more of him:


I think that we have all at some point seen a photo of this amazing man. 
He is so handsome it's actually scaring me.
He is a model based in Germany.
You can go and see much more photos of him over at his Instagram:


Last but not least we also want to show you Cykeem.
His Instagram does not say much about him,
besides from the fact that he's a model, and real pretty.
You can go see a lot more pics on him on his Instagram:

We hope that you liked this list
if you think we missed out on some hotties
then please comment their usernames below
and we might make another list.

Last Minute Presents

We are half way through Christmas now
some of us might start to feel stressed about the presents that we still need to buy.
So we decided to make a list of cute last minute presents!
Hope you enjoy it!

We have gone looking on Joy and found a few bits and pieces that we really like!

The first thing is this amazing light chain in copper, 
that would just be the perfect touch to a cozy bedroom!
I would totally purchase it if I didn't already had 3 light chains in my bedroom.

This cute little cactus is made for keeping your rings or small earrings organised.
It could stand in the bedroom, or beside the bed on the bed stand. 
Super cute present for the person who has everything.

Is your friend really into music then this is the perfect present! 
These wooden spoons are are salad servers shaped as guitars.
This is also a great present for the kinds person who does not wish for anything.

This cat sketching book looks like so much fun!
If you don't know what to give your cat loving mom or friend, 
this might be the perfect thing.

I wish for this one myself, I think it's perfect!
I love that this flask has the world map on it
it looks so good, I would bring it everywhere. 

søndag den 18. oktober 2015

Fall Musthaves For Your Wardrobe

Fall have kicked it
which means colder and shorter days.
We need to prepare for that, not only mentally
but also when it comes to our wardrobe.
We wanted to help you do that, by creating this list 
of great items that will make your fall warmer
but also hopefully if you agree a lot prettier.

We thought we would begin with outerwear:
We found these 3 amazing jackets on Boohoo: 

1: GRACE BOUCLE CHECK WATERFALL JACKET That has a lovely design, and is in some lovely toned down colors that will make it possible to style it in many different ways. 
Depending on where you are from, a warm sweater might be needed to wear this jacket. It is in an amazing pattern in some very girly colors, and it would spicy up any boring outfit. 
Last one is just amazing! The pattern and colors are so amazing, I almost bought one for myself. This would probably not go as a jacket, but as pullover instead, but it deserved a spot on this blogpost. 

Then we went to look at some sweaters:
A nice and warm sweater to tug into when it gets cold, is the best thing in the
cold season. So we wanted to share some of our Boohoo faves:

Lovely camel colored sweater, in a really cute shape and design. You can get it in other colors too, like navy if you prefer that. 
This warm cardigan has an amazing pattern.
But since it's black and white it can still go with a lot of different outfits,
and it can be an item you can pull over just about anything. 
If you are like me, and you love to wear high waisted skirts and jeans it's sometimes nice that the sweater doesn't cover up the skirt you are wearing. And we really like this sweater and the different colors you can get it in. 
We wanted to bring this in, in case some of you like this one more. But it does look a lot like number 2, and it could be worn in the same way. 

Fall is also the perfect season for maxi dresses:
When it's getting colder, something amazing to wear is also maxi dresses.
If you wear them with some thick tights and maybe some high socks,
you will be able to keep warm but also look really lovely.

This amazing maxi dress is in the perfect fall colors, and it would look cute worn with a thick cute coat and a hat. 
This dress will give you the chance to dress up, or dress down.
You can add a colorful jacket in a lovely pattern and some amazing jewelry, or you can use it as a simple piece. This dress is fantastic because you can use it in so many ways.
This dress is just amazing! The color and patterns are amazing! 
Worn with a simple coat and some black tights and maybe a hat, this dress can make any simple outfit stunning. 

I think we have all tried to freeze on our feet, or even to have them all soaked
because we weren't wearing the right shoes.
We found some shoes for you, and also a pair of slippers.

First pair of boots are very simple but yet with a cute detail on it, which is
the fringes on the back of them. These will go with any outfit and look cute.
These are the kind of shoes I have been wanting to get for such a long time.
The oldschool vibe they have, the shape of them... just everything. It's a great shoe.
We decided to add a pair of slippers too, because you might want them to 
snug into when you get back home. You can get these in two different colors, 
we just liked these more. 
The last pair has a higher heal than the first pair, but besides from that they
are also in a simple design and will go with anything. These will look really cute
with one of the maxi dresses we showed you, or a dress in general. 

Fall might also call for some new accessories
Such as the socks we just mentioned before, or gloves for the cold mornings.

We just mentioned knee socks before, if you don't have any these are affordable. 
A pair of thin gloves for the fall weather might also be a good investment. 
These are very cheap, and will get your hands through the fall. 
I am so in love with this bag! It's so detailed and beautiful! 
Perfect for any season, why not fall? 
A beautiful cape is both something that can keep you warm, but it's 
also a really great details to add to a cool outfit. So it can have two great functions. 

We hope that you enjoyed this list
If you purchase any of them 
don't forget to share a photo with us on Instagram: 
just hashtag #Earthychildren 

5 Great Fall Lookbooks

We love to watch Lookbooks on YouTube
to get some styling inspiration for the season.
We found 5 fall Lookbooks today,
that we thought we would show you.
Let us know which one you liked the most

Sydney Kathryne - Fall Lookbook

Holistichabits - Fall / Winter Lookbook

Elise Buch - Bohemian Lookbook

MsRosieBea - Autumn/Fall Lookbook

VintageEna - Fall Lookbook

So which Lookbook did you like the most?

mandag den 5. oktober 2015

5 Earthy YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

Here's a list of earthy YouTubers you should subscribe to.
They are all picked out based on different things,
we hope you like our list.

1. Gittemary Johansen

First of we have Gittemary Johansen
She is a zero waste YouTuber and blogger.
She has an amazing style, and some very calm cozy videos.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel:
Gittemary Johansen

2. Anastasjia Louise

Next we have Anastasjia Louise who share good vibes,
and help you to love yourself. She's a very charming young girl,
very funny and she loves thrifting as well!
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

3. Meghan Hughes

Next up is Meghan Hughes! 
She's an always smiling hippie girl, with really lovely long hair!
She's always sharing good vibes, and make videos that
will make you feel good inside.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

4. Elise Buch

Elise Buch has red hair and dreadlocks. 
She makes videos about thrifting, home decor and locks.
She's very colorful and smiling.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

5. Simply_Kenna

Simply_Kenna is the last one on today's list.
She's a very sweet fall-loving girl, as you can see on the photo.
She has a lovely oldschool style and she's so pretty and sweet.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

Those were the 5 earthy YouTubers for today!
We hope you liked this list.
If you know about any earthy YouTubers
that we should know about please comment below!
And tell us if you did go subscribe to any of them!

lørdag den 3. oktober 2015

Amazing Halloween Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner
and why not get in the cozy fall mood already?
We have collected some amazing Halloween recipes for you.
We hope that you like them, and that they will help you
get in the right Halloween mood!

1. Fall Leaf Cookies

These cookies are so amazing!
If you plan to invite somebody over soon
and really want to surprise them, 
then these cookies will surprise just
about anyone.
They are so pretty it's almost sad having to eat them.
If you want to watch the video on YouTube:

2. Halloween cake pops

If you want to surprise your friends
with something more Halloweenish.
We have also found this amazing cake pop recipe.
So cute and decorative they are!
If you want to watch the video on YouTube:

3. Jack Skellington Cookies

These cookies are so cute and scary at the same time!
So perfect for Halloween.
Spend a cozy Sunday indoor with your family and create
these scary pumpkin cookies.
If you want to watch the video on YouTube:

4. Hot chocolate 3 ways

Last of all: 3 ways to make delicious hot chocolate!
This is one of the best things about fall and the cold winter season
drinking a lot of warm chocolate with friends and family!
Here's 3 delicious ways on how you wan make your hot chocolate.
If you want to watch the video on YouTube:

We hope you liked this list of ideas.
If you decide to try out some of them
please share your results with us on Instagram:
#Earthychildren or send us a direct message.

mandag den 21. september 2015

Get Ready For Fall With BooHoo

Amazing must have fall items from BOOHOO!
So we decided to celebrate that by making a list of must haves
fall pieces. We hope that you enjoy.

1. Paisley Dress

This amazing paisley dress is one
amazing fall must have!
The colors is so fall and it would be perfect with
tight and a hat too!

2. White Blouse

Next amazing fall item
is this cute white blouse.
It would look cute with a maxi skirt,
but also with a part of pants like on the picture.

3. Yellow Dress

This is one of my absolute fave colors for fall!
I think it's so flattering and happy.
It has long sleeves and would also look happy with tights,
which is a pretty good for fall.

4. Retro Dress

Here's a really pretty retro vibrant fall dress for you all.
Again with long sleeves with is ideal for fall, 
and also in a pattern that would look cute with back tights.

5. Mono Print Tee

Amazing tee that just needed to be on this list!
Amazing pattern and colors! 
Perfect if you aren't the cold type
or if you live somewhere it doesn't get too warm.

6. Modern Hippie Dress

A modern version of a groovy hippie dress
with this mix of a long tee and the big beautiful pattern on the front.
You can't go wrong with this, a pair of black or purple tights.
and maybe a black cardigan.

7. Cobber Duster

Amazing copper duster that just yells fall!
It has the perfect length and color
And it's not at all as expensive as you might think.

søndag den 20. september 2015

2 Delicious Oatmeal Overnight Breakfast Ideas

I know it from myself
I get up in the last minute or I just don't feel like eating what's in my kitchen
so most mornings I skip the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.
Therefore we decided to inspire you with 2 great
oatmeal overnight recipes, that you can make in the evening,
so that they will be ready for you in the morning.
In that way there's no excuses, and it will taste delicious!

1. Brownie Overnight Oats
First one on the list is this brownie protein oatmeal.
It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare.

You need: 
1 cup: Unsweetened almond milk or low fat milk.
2 tbs: Unsweetened cocoa powder (Or more if you'd like)
1/8 tsp: salt
2 tbs: Baking stevia or 1/4 cup sweetener that measures like sugar.
1 cup: Old fashioned oats
1/4 cup: Protein powder (or additional oats)

Mix it all together in a bowl.
Divide it into 2 small bowls, mugs or jars.
Cover and refrigerate overnight (or at least for an hour or more)
You can top it with chopped nuts or tipping of choice.
You can enjoy it cold or microwave for 30-60 seconds!

Wasn't that easy?
Recipe from: dashingdish.com

2. Choco-Banana Overnight Oats
This looks a little too good to be healthy? 
well it is.
This recipe is for 1 serving.

You need:
1/2 ripe banana. Thinly sliced
1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
1 tbsp bulgur wheat
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp millet
1 tbsp buckwheat groats
1 tbsp extra dark pure cocoa powder
1 cup boilling water
1 tbsp chocolate flavored protein powder
1/4 cup milk
a dozen carb chips to garnish

Bring water to boil.
Meanwhile mix all ingredients expect for protein powder and milk.
Add boiling water, stir until it's well combined.
Put it in the refrigerator over night.

In the morning:
Stir in the protein powder
put it in a serving bowl
garnish with a few carob chips, slices of banana or coconut shavings.
Enjoy it!
Recipe from: thehealthyfoodie.com

onsdag den 9. september 2015

70's Inspired Fall Clothing

The 70's was just a stylish decade
we went looking for 70's inspired items on ASOS
and we found a few things that we want to share with you.
These are all perfect fall items,
so you can prepare yourself for the cold season.

First item we have found are these boots
You can get them in different colors,
but we things these back pair are super since they will fit any outfit
but they still look super cute because of the fringes.
See more:

Next item is this amazing tie dye 70's inspired tee.
It's for men, so if you have a boyfriend here's some present inspiration from us.
+ it's on sale right now, so it's really affordable.
See more:

The next item is as 70's as it can get.
It's this beautiful dress
It will look cute this winter with a cool jacket
and some tights and boots as the once in this post.
The price is fair.
See more:

If you ask us these are the perfect 70's boots
the color and everything is just stunning!
These would also look so beautiful with the mini paisley dress.
See more:

Another amazing paisley dress
This one in some brighter colors.
It has the perfect vibe to it.
See more:

We couldn't keep our eyes of this dress
the colors of it are amazing!
and the shape of it is so 70's it just needed a spot on this list.
See more:

This blouse is just screaming the 70's
The colors and paisley pattern is just perfect!
It's also in the perfect fall colors and would look perfect 
styled both with a pair of jeans or a maxi skirt.
See more:

We love this bag so much! 
the color, fabric and details are just great!
It is kinda expensive, but we felt like it deserved a spot on the list.
See more:

The last item we want to show you today is this jumpsuit
We just find it to be so cute and girly.
It's on sale right now, so it's very cheap.
See more:

We hope you liked the list
if you purchase any of the items
and want to show us
please use our hashtag #earthychildren
on Instagram! 

mandag den 7. september 2015

DIY Natural Bronzer

Have you ever wondered how the make up you put in your face was made?
Have you ever thought about making your make up yourself?
Today we will share with you a video on how you can make your own
natural bronzer. It's very easy to make, will save you money,
and it's natural and you will now what exactly it is you put in your face.

The video is by: Elise Buch

We hope you liked the video
if you make your own bronzer
snap a photo and share it will us on #earthychildren on Instagram.

5 Great Indoor Plants

Plants are such a lovely way to brighten up a room
and to bring some nature indoor.
But some plants are hard to keep, either they
need too much attention or water,
or they just behave weird because they don't like the indoor climate.

Here's a list of amazing indoor plants, that are easy to keep.
We hope you like the list:

1. Succulent

Succulents are very easy to keep and they are so beautiful.
You can mix them in one bowl or keep them separated in each of their own.
Just make sure they are exposed to bright light and get water every second
month in the winter.
It's that easy!

2. Cactus

The next perfect indoor plant is a cactus
it's probably not that big of a surprise.
A cacti doesn't require much work
just place them in front of a window to make sure they get sun
and only water them when the soil is completely dry.

3. Braided Ficus Tree

Because a braided ficus tree is a large plant
it mostly suited for rooms with tall ceilings and room to spare.
They prefer bright rooms but not direct light.
Water it every 2-3 days.
It isn't that bad is it?

4. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is among the easiest houseplants.
It can tolerate a wide rang of light, and only need moderate watering.
Normally they can last for years.
They can also work like an indoor air purifier.
We like that, don't we?

5. African Violet

It was hard to find some good photos of the African Violet,
even tho it's a pretty flower.
The African Violet can blossom up until 9 months at the time.
They need moderate indirect light.
The most common way to kill these are due to over-watering,
only water them when the soil is try.
If there's big temperature changes, move them away from the window.

We hope you liked this blog post.
If you have any cute plants in your home
share a photo with us on #Earthychildren on Instagram.

torsdag den 3. september 2015

Accessories To Style An Earthy Outfit

We went hunting online to find some cute accessories to finish an earthy outfit.
Because the accessories means a lot when putting and outfit together.
We hope that you like the things we found for you.


The first item that we found is this: backpack
Because of the amazing pattern this backpack will
add a lot to any boring outfit, because the attention will be drawn 
to this bag. Even wearing a colorful outfit this bag would be perfect
because the pattern is beautiful but the colors are kept simple in
just back and white.
You can find the bag here:
Price: Around 30$


Here's another backpack like the one above
we found this afterwards and just felt like adding it.
It's amazingly beautiful and in some amazing fallish colors!
You can find it here:
Price: around 37$


The next item is this amazing silver cuff
It's something you can add to almost everything
and it's just the perfect statement piece.
This one is extra pretty because of all the details on it.
It's simple but yet very detailed.
You can find the cuff here:
Price: Around 8$


Next item are these round sunnies
These will make your entire appearance change.
There's something groovy and oldschool about ground sunnies
that makes the way you look a lot different.
If you want to look groovy and oldschool round sunglasses are a must have.
You can find the sunnies here:
Price: Around 10$

And here's a more classic option for the shades
you can find them here: 
Price: around 10$


This shouldn't turn into a post just with bags
but we found another amazing one that deserves to be on here.
This bag is slightly different from the other bags tho.
Because this one isn't a backpack but is more like an
everyday back for your wallet, glasses, keys and so on.
This is so amazing we were close to buying one.
You can find it here:
Price: about 30$


Next we want to show you this scarf
Some might not see how a scarf can be used,
but that's why we have put a video in the end of this blog post
you'll find a very cute ways to use scarf in your hair if you watch.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 8$


Here on Earthychildren we like body art.
But if you aren't into permanent tattoos there other
ways to decorate your body.
We like to put one around our ankle because that's where
it lasts the longest. 
You can find them here: 
Price: around 8,5$


We really want to show you a hat as well.
We love hats and want to share our love with you.
It adds so much to an outfit, and look so cute.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 19,5$


Big rings can be an amazing fashion statement as well
and as said with some of the other things
this can add so much to a plain outfit.
Worn with a cute nail polish would be even better
You can find them here: 
Price: Around 10$ for these 3.


We all know that winter can be the time of the year
where it feels the hardest to dress cool
because it's so cold that it's all about keeping warm.
We just found this amazing cape
that will keep you warm but also spice up your outfit
and make it go from boring to cute and earthy.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 25$

Here's a small video with 5 tips to complete an outfits
with small things and accessories you can add to your outfit
to make it stand out just a bit more.
It is also in this video you'll see how cute a scarf can look in your hair.

We really hope that you liked this blog post.
What item did you like the most?
If you bought anything please share the items with us on 
Instagram: #Earthychildren or send us a direct message.