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Fall Musthaves For Your Wardrobe

Fall have kicked it
which means colder and shorter days.
We need to prepare for that, not only mentally
but also when it comes to our wardrobe.
We wanted to help you do that, by creating this list 
of great items that will make your fall warmer
but also hopefully if you agree a lot prettier.

We thought we would begin with outerwear:
We found these 3 amazing jackets on Boohoo: 

1: GRACE BOUCLE CHECK WATERFALL JACKET That has a lovely design, and is in some lovely toned down colors that will make it possible to style it in many different ways. 
Depending on where you are from, a warm sweater might be needed to wear this jacket. It is in an amazing pattern in some very girly colors, and it would spicy up any boring outfit. 
Last one is just amazing! The pattern and colors are so amazing, I almost bought one for myself. This would probably not go as a jacket, but as pullover instead, but it deserved a spot on this blogpost. 

Then we went to look at some sweaters:
A nice and warm sweater to tug into when it gets cold, is the best thing in the
cold season. So we wanted to share some of our Boohoo faves:

Lovely camel colored sweater, in a really cute shape and design. You can get it in other colors too, like navy if you prefer that. 
This warm cardigan has an amazing pattern.
But since it's black and white it can still go with a lot of different outfits,
and it can be an item you can pull over just about anything. 
If you are like me, and you love to wear high waisted skirts and jeans it's sometimes nice that the sweater doesn't cover up the skirt you are wearing. And we really like this sweater and the different colors you can get it in. 
We wanted to bring this in, in case some of you like this one more. But it does look a lot like number 2, and it could be worn in the same way. 

Fall is also the perfect season for maxi dresses:
When it's getting colder, something amazing to wear is also maxi dresses.
If you wear them with some thick tights and maybe some high socks,
you will be able to keep warm but also look really lovely.

This amazing maxi dress is in the perfect fall colors, and it would look cute worn with a thick cute coat and a hat. 
This dress will give you the chance to dress up, or dress down.
You can add a colorful jacket in a lovely pattern and some amazing jewelry, or you can use it as a simple piece. This dress is fantastic because you can use it in so many ways.
This dress is just amazing! The color and patterns are amazing! 
Worn with a simple coat and some black tights and maybe a hat, this dress can make any simple outfit stunning. 

I think we have all tried to freeze on our feet, or even to have them all soaked
because we weren't wearing the right shoes.
We found some shoes for you, and also a pair of slippers.

First pair of boots are very simple but yet with a cute detail on it, which is
the fringes on the back of them. These will go with any outfit and look cute.
These are the kind of shoes I have been wanting to get for such a long time.
The oldschool vibe they have, the shape of them... just everything. It's a great shoe.
We decided to add a pair of slippers too, because you might want them to 
snug into when you get back home. You can get these in two different colors, 
we just liked these more. 
The last pair has a higher heal than the first pair, but besides from that they
are also in a simple design and will go with anything. These will look really cute
with one of the maxi dresses we showed you, or a dress in general. 

Fall might also call for some new accessories
Such as the socks we just mentioned before, or gloves for the cold mornings.

We just mentioned knee socks before, if you don't have any these are affordable. 
A pair of thin gloves for the fall weather might also be a good investment. 
These are very cheap, and will get your hands through the fall. 
I am so in love with this bag! It's so detailed and beautiful! 
Perfect for any season, why not fall? 
A beautiful cape is both something that can keep you warm, but it's 
also a really great details to add to a cool outfit. So it can have two great functions. 

We hope that you enjoyed this list
If you purchase any of them 
don't forget to share a photo with us on Instagram: 
just hashtag #Earthychildren 

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