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5 Earthy YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

Here's a list of earthy YouTubers you should subscribe to.
They are all picked out based on different things,
we hope you like our list.

1. Gittemary Johansen

First of we have Gittemary Johansen
She is a zero waste YouTuber and blogger.
She has an amazing style, and some very calm cozy videos.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel:
Gittemary Johansen

2. Anastasjia Louise

Next we have Anastasjia Louise who share good vibes,
and help you to love yourself. She's a very charming young girl,
very funny and she loves thrifting as well!
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

3. Meghan Hughes

Next up is Meghan Hughes! 
She's an always smiling hippie girl, with really lovely long hair!
She's always sharing good vibes, and make videos that
will make you feel good inside.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

4. Elise Buch

Elise Buch has red hair and dreadlocks. 
She makes videos about thrifting, home decor and locks.
She's very colorful and smiling.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

5. Simply_Kenna

Simply_Kenna is the last one on today's list.
She's a very sweet fall-loving girl, as you can see on the photo.
She has a lovely oldschool style and she's so pretty and sweet.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel: 

Those were the 5 earthy YouTubers for today!
We hope you liked this list.
If you know about any earthy YouTubers
that we should know about please comment below!
And tell us if you did go subscribe to any of them!

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