mandag den 31. august 2015

Boohoo September Musthaves

Here on Earthychildren we adore a good pattern and beautiful mix of colors.
That's also the main reason why we love Boohoo's clothing a ton.
We have made a list of recent listed item from their website that we love
and we hope that you will like it as much as we do.


The first one is this: 70's Sunflower dress
It's so cute and summerly and oldschool. 
A really groovy piece that we just love!


The next item is this Sia 70's dress
It's in some beautiful colors,
that would be a great fall item.
The shape of it is also great,
and the longer sleeves will keep you warm in the fall season.


It was love as first sight with this: Printed Duster
It's so heavenly beautiful that we don't really understand the price
The duster makes us speechless, so here's the: 


We needed a jumpsuit on this list
and this jumpsuit is just wow!
and the colors and patterns on it is so beautiful.
It would look cute with a kimono as cover up over the arms,
to stay warm this autumn too.


This Paisley Midi Dress was the first one to catch our eye.
We love the pattern and the calm blue colors.
Another piece that's perfect for fall because of 
the long sleeves.


Tie dye has been in for quite some time,
It's also a great fall piece paired with some tights.
And a hat would complete the outfit.


The last item for today is this beautiful paisley top
once again we found a lovely fall piece
it will look cute with almost anything:
no matter if you wear a skirt or pants.

We hope you liked this list of recent added things from boohoo.

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