mandag den 4. april 2016

10 Amazing Spring Dresses

Spring is knocking on the door
it's time to open up and let it in
in this blog post we celebrate spring's arrival
by showing you 10 amazing spring dresses from Boohoo.


This mini summer dress in black and white is a great spring choice. You can top it with a cute light summer jacket, if the weather calls for that. Link to the dress


This next one is in a warm color scheme, and it has a cute animal print.
It's also perfect for a summer day, with a bikini underneath it. Link to the dress


The colors of this one really calls for spring and summer.
The sea blue color is just happiness to look at, it reminds us of the blue sea. Link to the dress


This next dress is a much lighter choice. It' white with lots of pale red details. Such a pretty choice too. We would recommend wearing it with a cute hat. Link to the dress


With this next dress you get a serious 70s pattern. It's really colorful and with a very cool floral print. It's also a maxi skirt. We would recommend wearing it with a belt, like shown on the pictures. Link to the dress


If you prefer something a lot more simple this might be your taste. It has a very delicate color, and it looks light and summerly. Really a cute choice. Link to the dress


We see that this next one is black, and therefore might not be the obvious choice to put on this list, but look at the embroidery details. The details makes it an all year around dress. Link to the dress


Maybe blue is going to be the color this spring and summer, because we came across this beautiful mini dress that we also love. It's so vibrant and happy, that it deserved a spot on this list. Link to the dress


This is one of our absolute favorites from this list. It's so bright and beautiful, perfect for a day on the beach, but also perfect for spring. Pure amazingness! Link to the dress


The last one on the list for today is this beauty. Very detailed and in some 70s colors. Very cute and will look good with a hat. Link to the dress

That was all for today's blog post
10 amazing spring dresses.
if you purchase one of them,
please # your photo on Instagram with
so we can see it!

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