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Cheap Ways to Adventure | Katarina McEachern

Today's blog post is written by Katarina McEachern

Our souls crave adventure. We crave the feeling of freedom and learning new things about ourselves. Itʼs a time of reconnecting with thoughts and rediscovering who we are as individuals and what matters the most in life. Itʼs time to be still and silent in spirit while actively doing something in nature that
reveals minute details of life that are often overlooked.

Here are 5 simple yet powerful ways to adventure. At first glance, they may seem obvious and too easy, however, you will be blown away by the benefits you will receive. I dare you to try them.

1. Go for a drive 

There is nothing more freeing than driving down the road with windows open and music blaring.

2. Take a Hike 

There are nearby parks and rec areas that offer trails to hike. Go check some of them out and explore.

3. Read a book  

It may sound cliche but books are an incredible way to escape to different lands and time periods. I have recently begun reading Florence Nightingale and I find myself feeling inspired and empowered by a woman who rejected societyʼs “rules” for women during the 1800s. I try to take what I learn from books and apply it to my life. Itʼs incredible to feel a connection with past individuals who dared to be different. I feel more free and encouraged to follow my dreams and goals.

4. Go for a run  

I know this doesnʼt sound adventurous but it all depends on how you view it. Instead of hitting the gym or treadmill, find tracks or trails to run
along that keep you grounded in nature. There is something about exercising outdoors where youʼre alone and unsure of the terrain. Create a playlist with your favorite songs and allow yourself to get completely pumped. I try to split my exercise time in half. For the first part, Iʼll listen to upbeat songs and feel my speed increase. For the second half, Iʼll turn off my music and allow myself to think and meditate. I am always filled with such peace when Iʼm done. For me, itʼs a time to allow God to speak to me in the quiet and fill me with His thoughts and ideas. I always finish feeling inspired.

5. Picnic 

Pack a lunch, blanket and head out to a park or even your own backyard. Let your mind drift here and there while you bask in the beauty of the trees, birds, clouds and all that surrounds you. Taking a meal outside, instantly creates this feeling of earthy adventure.

6. Walk around Town  

Do you really know whatʼs in your town? Have you ever spent a day walking the streets (safely) and seeing whatʼs there? You may discover gems that you didnʼt even know existed just like the above photo.

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