tirsdag den 25. august 2015

We Love Etsy #1

We love Etsy so much that we went to look for some home decor inspiration
for you all in there tonight. We found some amazing creations by different shops.
Here's a small list of items that we found on Etsy and love!

First of all how cute are both of these?!
The amazing painting is from: TheHoneyBeePaperie
And the engraved cutting board is from: Caiman Cutting

First is an Australian wool blanket in some amazing colors!
Perfect for the cold winter season that is waiting just around the corner. This blanket is from: Hokoda
The amazing souvenir pens are from the etsy shop: The Things That Were.

Here's some vase inspiration for your home.
The first sticky cacti looking vase is perfect for small plants. It is from the Etsy shop: Olis Cupboard
The other vase made out of wood is for hanging on the wall.
Would be a cute detail for smaller rooms, where there isn't so much space for plants. 
This vase is from: Factory Twentyone

Last but not least we have a cute bowl and some pillow covers.
The cute ceramic down is made to order, and very cute and personal.
These are made and sold by the Etsy shop: Marinski Heartmades
The amazing pillow cases are hand embroidered. They will make a couch
look a lot more cozy and homelike. There are from: Pillowme.

This was our first inspiration post
let's know if you liked it.

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