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Amazing Cabins From All Over The World

Cabins is something we love here on Earthychildren.
It's an escape from life and often a place where you get closer to nature.
We have found 5 cabins that's worth to have a closer look at.

This first cabin is placed in Uusimaa in Finland
It's basically a glasshouse right next to the sea.
Here's an opportunity to wake up to an extraordinary view.

Amazing treehouse in Gran Paradiso in the National Park near Cogne in Italy.
It looks tiny, but amazingly cute and close to nature.
That view must be breathtaking as well!

The surroundings of this hut near Mt. Aspiring in New Zealand is just breathtaking.
I wouldn't spend much time inside that cabin, I would be too busy
getting all lost in the amazing view!

I couldn't help myself from sharing this small alternative cabin as well.
It's based in Berlin in Germany and it's just so cute.
Looks like it's build by a lot of old used parts and it has a beautiful view.
I can imagine this must be an inspiring place for a painter. 

This might be my favorite one!
It's placed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
It's very earthy I can't imagine how stress would be possible spending some time out there.

 If you feel like these 5 cabins weren't enough,
and you want to read an entire book about amazing cabins,
then here's the book "Cabin Porn"

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