onsdag den 26. august 2015

Treasure Hunting - Red Poppy Vintage Etsy

We want to start up a series of blog posts
where we treasure hunt different websites
to find you the most rare and amazing things
from the sites.

We decided to start up by treasure hunting on:
Who is located in Chicago, USA.
She always manage to find rare vintage items,
in amazing patterns and colors.
Here's a few things that we especially noticed from the shop:

First item we noticed was this hand embroidered Mexican tunic top.
It's white with details such as birds and flowers on it.
A very stunning summer tee.
Price: 43.19

Next up we noticed this Turkish Kilim backpack.
The shape of the bag and the pattern and colors are just amazing!
A really amazing vintage piece.
Price: 76,49

We are so crazy about this next piece!
This jacket almost look like an art piece, and we love it!
It is a silk patchwork jacket in a ton of colors and patterns.
Price: 71.09

Here on earthychildren we love maxi skirts!
And we love vintage maxi skirts even more.
This is a Indian cotton Gauze skirt with a Paisley pattern.
Price: 52.19

The last piece is absolutely stunning!
It is this Ethnic embroidered black velvet caftan maxi dress.
There's not much to say just look at it.
Price: 107.08

We hope that you liked our first treasure hunt.
The next time will be a different shop,
with other products and another price range.
Comment below if you have any suggestions for shops.
Contact us on Earthychildren@gmail.com if you have a shop
and would talk opportunity to get a post like this on the blog.

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