onsdag den 9. september 2015

70's Inspired Fall Clothing

The 70's was just a stylish decade
we went looking for 70's inspired items on ASOS
and we found a few things that we want to share with you.
These are all perfect fall items,
so you can prepare yourself for the cold season.

First item we have found are these boots
You can get them in different colors,
but we things these back pair are super since they will fit any outfit
but they still look super cute because of the fringes.
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Next item is this amazing tie dye 70's inspired tee.
It's for men, so if you have a boyfriend here's some present inspiration from us.
+ it's on sale right now, so it's really affordable.
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The next item is as 70's as it can get.
It's this beautiful dress
It will look cute this winter with a cool jacket
and some tights and boots as the once in this post.
The price is fair.
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If you ask us these are the perfect 70's boots
the color and everything is just stunning!
These would also look so beautiful with the mini paisley dress.
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Another amazing paisley dress
This one in some brighter colors.
It has the perfect vibe to it.
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We couldn't keep our eyes of this dress
the colors of it are amazing!
and the shape of it is so 70's it just needed a spot on this list.
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This blouse is just screaming the 70's
The colors and paisley pattern is just perfect!
It's also in the perfect fall colors and would look perfect 
styled both with a pair of jeans or a maxi skirt.
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We love this bag so much! 
the color, fabric and details are just great!
It is kinda expensive, but we felt like it deserved a spot on the list.
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The last item we want to show you today is this jumpsuit
We just find it to be so cute and girly.
It's on sale right now, so it's very cheap.
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We hope you liked the list
if you purchase any of the items
and want to show us
please use our hashtag #earthychildren
on Instagram! 

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