torsdag den 3. september 2015

Accessories To Style An Earthy Outfit

We went hunting online to find some cute accessories to finish an earthy outfit.
Because the accessories means a lot when putting and outfit together.
We hope that you like the things we found for you.


The first item that we found is this: backpack
Because of the amazing pattern this backpack will
add a lot to any boring outfit, because the attention will be drawn 
to this bag. Even wearing a colorful outfit this bag would be perfect
because the pattern is beautiful but the colors are kept simple in
just back and white.
You can find the bag here:
Price: Around 30$


Here's another backpack like the one above
we found this afterwards and just felt like adding it.
It's amazingly beautiful and in some amazing fallish colors!
You can find it here:
Price: around 37$


The next item is this amazing silver cuff
It's something you can add to almost everything
and it's just the perfect statement piece.
This one is extra pretty because of all the details on it.
It's simple but yet very detailed.
You can find the cuff here:
Price: Around 8$


Next item are these round sunnies
These will make your entire appearance change.
There's something groovy and oldschool about ground sunnies
that makes the way you look a lot different.
If you want to look groovy and oldschool round sunglasses are a must have.
You can find the sunnies here:
Price: Around 10$

And here's a more classic option for the shades
you can find them here: 
Price: around 10$


This shouldn't turn into a post just with bags
but we found another amazing one that deserves to be on here.
This bag is slightly different from the other bags tho.
Because this one isn't a backpack but is more like an
everyday back for your wallet, glasses, keys and so on.
This is so amazing we were close to buying one.
You can find it here:
Price: about 30$


Next we want to show you this scarf
Some might not see how a scarf can be used,
but that's why we have put a video in the end of this blog post
you'll find a very cute ways to use scarf in your hair if you watch.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 8$


Here on Earthychildren we like body art.
But if you aren't into permanent tattoos there other
ways to decorate your body.
We like to put one around our ankle because that's where
it lasts the longest. 
You can find them here: 
Price: around 8,5$


We really want to show you a hat as well.
We love hats and want to share our love with you.
It adds so much to an outfit, and look so cute.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 19,5$


Big rings can be an amazing fashion statement as well
and as said with some of the other things
this can add so much to a plain outfit.
Worn with a cute nail polish would be even better
You can find them here: 
Price: Around 10$ for these 3.


We all know that winter can be the time of the year
where it feels the hardest to dress cool
because it's so cold that it's all about keeping warm.
We just found this amazing cape
that will keep you warm but also spice up your outfit
and make it go from boring to cute and earthy.
You can find it here: 
Price: around 25$

Here's a small video with 5 tips to complete an outfits
with small things and accessories you can add to your outfit
to make it stand out just a bit more.
It is also in this video you'll see how cute a scarf can look in your hair.

We really hope that you liked this blog post.
What item did you like the most?
If you bought anything please share the items with us on 
Instagram: #Earthychildren or send us a direct message.

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  1. Loved the first backpack and the silver cuff.♥ Everything looks so free-spirited.

    x Love, Lexy